Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rupaul's Drag Race Season 2

That's right everyone! The time is almost here for season 2 of Rupaul's Drag Race! The contestants were finally announced in November and it is set to premier on Feb. 1st! Many of you know I've been dying to talk about who got on ever since I found out 3 months ago, but out of respect for the show I've kept my mouth shut. Well now it's time to DISH!
I'm very excited to see that the show has been given a bigger budget this time around! The set looks more professional, the challenges look more interesting, and best of all we get 12 queens battling it out this time instead of 9. Hopefully that means we get 3 more weeks of shows (although you never know with reality programming). Check out the promo video below for a quick look into the season!

Now on to the contestants! I am incredibly impressed with the group of queens they put together for this season! Granted there are no fabulous redheads (hint hint producers...you really do need me next season!), all in all it looks like a fabulous group of ladies!

Jessica Wild - 28 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jessica was the winner from the Rupaul's Drag Race casting website and deservedly so with the army of people promoting and voting for her. While of course I wanted to win, she was a very worthy opponent and I'm very happy for her! Jessica is a fabulous dancing diva and hopes to one day be a drag singer like Rupaul. I have heard numerous people say that they think her language skills are going to be a problem for her on the show. To all those people I have one thing to say...Nina Flowers. Just because someone is not a master of the english language does not mean they can't be a drag superstar! And if being a gorgeous queen is not enough, she is HOT as a boy!

Jujubee - 25 - Boston, MA

I don't know a lot about Jujubee. But she is absolutely stunning to look at! Her bio on the RDR cast page says that she is "everyone's best friend...but will read you to filth if you cross her." Let's hope she gets to read someone at least once on the show for a little dramatic entertainment!

Morgan McMichaels - 28 - Mira Loma, CA

This season there are a lot more queens that I've heard of before and Morgan McMichaels is one of those. She is definitely a professional and is a member of "The Dream Girls Review", the longest running drag show in Southern California. She is drop dead gorgeous and incredibly diverse in the looks and characters she brings to the stage. My personal favorite is her Pink impersonation which is the best I have ever seen any queen do! Morgan is definitely one of the queens I am very eager to learn more about on the show!

Mystique Summers Madison - 25 - Bedford, TX

I love big queens! This is probably due to the huge influence Sweetie in NYC had on the beginning of my drag career. But I just can't get enough of a fabulous full-figured queen serving it on stage! So Mystique...don't let me down! Show the world that the big girls are just as diva as all us little skinny bitches! I want to see some body shaking, titty bouncing, earth shaking EXTRAVAGANCE!

Nicole Paige Brooks - 36 - Atlanta, GA

I thought for sure Nicole was going to be on the first season of RDR. But for whatever reason she wasn't chosen until this time around. She is an incredibly experienced performer and a definite professional in the world of drag. Some viewers may not be drawn to her mouthy personality, but I absolutely love it and can't wait to watch as she says exactly what she thinks every step of the way! And god damn! Look at that body!

Pandora Boxx - 37 - Rochester, NY

I am SO excited that Pandora is on this season of the show! Aside from myself, she was the person I wanted to see on the show more than anyone else. I became friends with Pandora while we were both competing on the casting site for season 1 of RDR. I was instantly impressed with her hilarious personality and the array of comedic characters she brings to the stage! I promise to be fair in my critique of everyone once the show has started. If the queens who are my friends end up bombing on the show, I'll be honest about it. But at this point, based on my current knowledge of all the contestants, Pandora is definitely my choice to take home the crown!

Raven - 30 - Riverside, CA

Raven is another queen I don't know a lot about. She looks like a supermodel, so should do quite well in the image department. But other than that I can't say much about her. Her bio on the RDR site says she is "Striking, edgy and foul-mouthed." So I will probably love her! God knows I love a queen who's not afraid to swear like a sailor!

Sahara Davenport - 29 - New York, NY

Sahara is the second friend I have on the show this season! She and I used to compete against eachother about 6 years ago at Starsearch @ Barracuda. And she beat me more times than I would like to admit. I am so happy to see her on the show though and you all better believe this girl is DIVA! She is trained in ballet, jazz, and modern dance and can tear up a stage like no other! But she brings more than just glamour and dance moves. She is also one of the sweetest people I knew in NYC and has a radiant personality that you can't help falling in love with!

Shangela Laquifa Wadley - 28 - Studio City, CA

Shangela has only been doing drag for about 4 months the RDR bio page says. But she must have been practicing a long time in her bedroom, because I've never seen a 4 month old queen looking and acting as well as she does! I'll be very eager to see how she does up against the more experienced performers.

Sonique - 26 - Atlanta, GA

Sonique is another queen I have heard wonderful things about! She is a former gymnast which means she probably has all the fabulous flexible moves that I get so jealous over! And she is another stunner in the looks department! My only fear is that Morgan McMichaels and Sonique look a LOT alike from what I've seen. That is often a detriment on reality shows (take Kathryn and Noelle on So You Think You Can Dance as an example). But hopefully once on the show they will both be unique enough to make us never forget who is who.

Tatianna - 21 - Falls Church, VA

I have thought Tatianna was adorable ever since I saw her on the RDR season 2 casting site. She has a very approachable image which should be a benefit for her with the viewing audience. But she is young and has less experience than most the other contestants. But experience isn't everything on a show like this, so I'll be very curious to see how she does!

Tyra Sanchez - 21 - Orlando, FL

Tyra Sanchez looks like a supermodel and from the sounds of it knows how to act like one on the runway too! I was very impressed with some of her pictures on the RDR season 2 casting site and am very eager to see more of her interesting and avant-garde looks!

So there you have it...12 dazzling divas, ready to win over the hearts of the viewing public and hopefully take home the crown! I believe that this season is going to blow season 1 out of the water! And of course I will be along every step of the way, keeping you up to date on everything, talking about the show, and hopefully getting some input from the contestants with their thoughts as they leave the show! So make sure you tune into Logo, Feb 1st 9:00pm for the premier of Rupaul's Drag Race season 2!


  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I wish you were on that list... Maybe next go 'round?

  2. Thanks honey! I'm very hopeful for next season!

  3. Does Morgan perform in Palm Springs? Friends of mine who live there were trying to get me to bring her up to perform at the Big Gay Frat House, but that was right around when we were stopping doing events in our home.

    It does surprise me that there are no red heads, especially given how many red-haired drag queens there are in SF. For that matter, it surprises me that none of the SF queens got cast. There are so many different types of drag circles in this city -- the Imperial Court, the Trannyshack crowd, the cabaret acts, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and so many more.

  4. Kevin...it wouldn't surprise me if Morgan performs in Palm Springs. The "Dreamgirls" show she performs in is in Riverside which is only about an hour drive from Palm Springs.

  5. Hey everyone This is Mystique Summers.... Get ready.. Cause Feb 1st at 9pm.. THE SHOW IS GOING TO BE SICK!!!!!!!!!!!! Get ready everyone... and also Check out my blog and sign up and be my stalker.. cause i'm going to be giving some JUICY INSIDE INFO SOON.

    Mystique Summers
    2 pc and THAT BISKIT!!!