Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sherry Vine's Bad Romance Parody

I always loved Sherry Vine while I was living in NYC! She's a hilarious drag queen, talented musician, and an all around sweet person. But her new video parody of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" is the best thing I have ever seen her do!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rupaul's Drag Race Season 2

That's right everyone! The time is almost here for season 2 of Rupaul's Drag Race! The contestants were finally announced in November and it is set to premier on Feb. 1st! Many of you know I've been dying to talk about who got on ever since I found out 3 months ago, but out of respect for the show I've kept my mouth shut. Well now it's time to DISH!
I'm very excited to see that the show has been given a bigger budget this time around! The set looks more professional, the challenges look more interesting, and best of all we get 12 queens battling it out this time instead of 9. Hopefully that means we get 3 more weeks of shows (although you never know with reality programming). Check out the promo video below for a quick look into the season!

Now on to the contestants! I am incredibly impressed with the group of queens they put together for this season! Granted there are no fabulous redheads (hint hint really do need me next season!), all in all it looks like a fabulous group of ladies!

Jessica Wild - 28 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jessica was the winner from the Rupaul's Drag Race casting website and deservedly so with the army of people promoting and voting for her. While of course I wanted to win, she was a very worthy opponent and I'm very happy for her! Jessica is a fabulous dancing diva and hopes to one day be a drag singer like Rupaul. I have heard numerous people say that they think her language skills are going to be a problem for her on the show. To all those people I have one thing to say...Nina Flowers. Just because someone is not a master of the english language does not mean they can't be a drag superstar! And if being a gorgeous queen is not enough, she is HOT as a boy!

Jujubee - 25 - Boston, MA

I don't know a lot about Jujubee. But she is absolutely stunning to look at! Her bio on the RDR cast page says that she is "everyone's best friend...but will read you to filth if you cross her." Let's hope she gets to read someone at least once on the show for a little dramatic entertainment!

Morgan McMichaels - 28 - Mira Loma, CA

This season there are a lot more queens that I've heard of before and Morgan McMichaels is one of those. She is definitely a professional and is a member of "The Dream Girls Review", the longest running drag show in Southern California. She is drop dead gorgeous and incredibly diverse in the looks and characters she brings to the stage. My personal favorite is her Pink impersonation which is the best I have ever seen any queen do! Morgan is definitely one of the queens I am very eager to learn more about on the show!

Mystique Summers Madison - 25 - Bedford, TX

I love big queens! This is probably due to the huge influence Sweetie in NYC had on the beginning of my drag career. But I just can't get enough of a fabulous full-figured queen serving it on stage! So Mystique...don't let me down! Show the world that the big girls are just as diva as all us little skinny bitches! I want to see some body shaking, titty bouncing, earth shaking EXTRAVAGANCE!

Nicole Paige Brooks - 36 - Atlanta, GA

I thought for sure Nicole was going to be on the first season of RDR. But for whatever reason she wasn't chosen until this time around. She is an incredibly experienced performer and a definite professional in the world of drag. Some viewers may not be drawn to her mouthy personality, but I absolutely love it and can't wait to watch as she says exactly what she thinks every step of the way! And god damn! Look at that body!

Pandora Boxx - 37 - Rochester, NY

I am SO excited that Pandora is on this season of the show! Aside from myself, she was the person I wanted to see on the show more than anyone else. I became friends with Pandora while we were both competing on the casting site for season 1 of RDR. I was instantly impressed with her hilarious personality and the array of comedic characters she brings to the stage! I promise to be fair in my critique of everyone once the show has started. If the queens who are my friends end up bombing on the show, I'll be honest about it. But at this point, based on my current knowledge of all the contestants, Pandora is definitely my choice to take home the crown!

Raven - 30 - Riverside, CA

Raven is another queen I don't know a lot about. She looks like a supermodel, so should do quite well in the image department. But other than that I can't say much about her. Her bio on the RDR site says she is "Striking, edgy and foul-mouthed." So I will probably love her! God knows I love a queen who's not afraid to swear like a sailor!

Sahara Davenport - 29 - New York, NY

Sahara is the second friend I have on the show this season! She and I used to compete against eachother about 6 years ago at Starsearch @ Barracuda. And she beat me more times than I would like to admit. I am so happy to see her on the show though and you all better believe this girl is DIVA! She is trained in ballet, jazz, and modern dance and can tear up a stage like no other! But she brings more than just glamour and dance moves. She is also one of the sweetest people I knew in NYC and has a radiant personality that you can't help falling in love with!

Shangela Laquifa Wadley - 28 - Studio City, CA

Shangela has only been doing drag for about 4 months the RDR bio page says. But she must have been practicing a long time in her bedroom, because I've never seen a 4 month old queen looking and acting as well as she does! I'll be very eager to see how she does up against the more experienced performers.

Sonique - 26 - Atlanta, GA

Sonique is another queen I have heard wonderful things about! She is a former gymnast which means she probably has all the fabulous flexible moves that I get so jealous over! And she is another stunner in the looks department! My only fear is that Morgan McMichaels and Sonique look a LOT alike from what I've seen. That is often a detriment on reality shows (take Kathryn and Noelle on So You Think You Can Dance as an example). But hopefully once on the show they will both be unique enough to make us never forget who is who.

Tatianna - 21 - Falls Church, VA

I have thought Tatianna was adorable ever since I saw her on the RDR season 2 casting site. She has a very approachable image which should be a benefit for her with the viewing audience. But she is young and has less experience than most the other contestants. But experience isn't everything on a show like this, so I'll be very curious to see how she does!

Tyra Sanchez - 21 - Orlando, FL

Tyra Sanchez looks like a supermodel and from the sounds of it knows how to act like one on the runway too! I was very impressed with some of her pictures on the RDR season 2 casting site and am very eager to see more of her interesting and avant-garde looks!

So there you have it...12 dazzling divas, ready to win over the hearts of the viewing public and hopefully take home the crown! I believe that this season is going to blow season 1 out of the water! And of course I will be along every step of the way, keeping you up to date on everything, talking about the show, and hopefully getting some input from the contestants with their thoughts as they leave the show! So make sure you tune into Logo, Feb 1st 9:00pm for the premier of Rupaul's Drag Race season 2!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Look!

As I am  competing to get on Rupaul's Drag Race it has been inspiring me to experiment with a variety of new looks.  This past Saturday I did a FABULOUS photo shoot with Brian Patrick Photography featuring one of these looks.  Here is one of the images that we got!

There will be much more coming in the next couple months as I continue experimenting with new looks and ideas! 

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Xavier Toscano's "Mighty Real" on Logo!

Hey Darlings!

My dear friend Xavier Toscano just had his video for "Might Real" debut on Logo's Click List at number 10! Now he needs our votes to push him up to the top! So if you wouldn't mind, take a moment and stop by THIS LINK to vote for him!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Queen of the Week - Ginger Snap

Name: Ginger Snap

Age: 31

Location: TenderNob area of San Francisco

Single or taken? Single

What is your drag style like? Happy Pop, Pretty Queen with BIG features. T&A baby. Curves in all the right places.

How long does it take you to get ready in drag? I can do the makeup process in 35 minutes if need be, but I prefer to take up to 2 hours.

Do you have a favorite number you perform? I've had many favorites over the years... From Christina Aguilera's "Come On Over Baby" to my new favorite, Rihanna's "Please Don't Stop The Music".

Where can we see you perform? Deco Lounge for my show Snap-a-licious, Truck for Cocktailgate, The Cinch for Charliehorse.

How did you first get into drag? Like a lot of the queens I know, Ginger was born on a Halloween; specifically, Halloween 1998. Freshly out of the closet and feeling GAY AS HELL, I had to try it and instantly loved it.

Who have been your biggest inspirations? Grizilla Prestley, Daffney Deluxe, RuPaul, Varla Gene Merman.

What would be your three biggest tips for a new drag queen? Don't wait until the last minute to style your wig and rehearse your music. Be organized and on time. Never leave the house without hairspray, eyelash glue, and a few CD's.

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why? Las Vegas, New York, Australia. Vegas because you can make some serious money doing drag there (I've been told). NY because I've never been. Australia because some of my favorite queens are from there and I've always wanted to visit... plus "Priscilla: Queen of the Desert," duh!

What is something that might surprise us all about you? From 2002 to 2006 I took a break from drag and San Francisco and did construction. I can pour your foundation, fix your plumbing, wire your light switches, paint your ceiling, and fix your leaky roof.

What makeup items could you not live without? Spirit gum, long lashes, MAC Bombshell Lipstick, Kryolan Purple Shimmer Shadow and Shaboie Foundation.

Do you design any of your clothes, create any of your wigs, etc? I used to make most of my stuff. I have very little time to make all my own costumes, so I get a lot of stuff off the internet, then re-work things to make them Ginger. I can style my own wigs and put in hairlines, I just don't like to. I would rather pay someone to do it for me: less frustrating that way.

What has been your all time greatest moment in drag? Oh my! There are 3 moments that stick out in my mind.

Number 1 is the first time I did my Cher number with a back up video produced by my friend (named "3") and outfit made by another friend, Mr. David. This performance was at Cookie Dough's Monster Show at Harvey's in the Castro. In the backup video, there were 2 Ginger Snaps backing me up.

The second Moment was performing in the Desperate Diva Pagent 2008. This event was put on by the Aids Housing Alliance. I won Miss July 2009 and I'm in a calendar produced in connection with the event, on people's walls all across America! I didn't win the pageant, but had the most fun performing another favorite artist of mine, Yma Sumac!

The third moment is more like 7 months of moments. In June of 2008, Deco Lounge asked me to start my own show, and I created Snap-a-licious! February will be my 8th show there, and I'm having the time of my life!

What else should we know about you?  My full performance schedule and all the details are on my website:

Monday, March 09, 2009

Queen of the Week - Bolivia Carmichael

I met Bolivia shortly after moving to Portland.  I was out having cocktails with a couple friends and she came over, introduced herself, and shortly after invited me to perform at her "Superstar Divas Show".  She has been nothing wonderful every time I've seen her since!  Not only is she an incredibly talented performer, she is also an extremely sweet person!

Bolivia Carmichaels / Daniel Elliott

Age: 34

Location: "No-Po" Portland, Oregon

Single or taken? Single

What is your drag style like? Like no other :)

How long does it take you to get ready in drag? I like to take just over an hour or so, but if I'm in a hurry I can get it done in 20 minutes.

Do you have a favorite number you perform? Not really. I love to perform all of the numbers I do.

Where can we see you perform? C.C. Slaughters' Superstar Divas - Sunday Mega Show - 8:00 p.m. - No Cover!!

How did you first get into drag? I was watching an entertainer by the name of Lady O at The City Nightclub in 1993 or so. She inspired me to give it a try. Little did I know that it would lead to so many years of joy.

Who have been your biggest inspirations? Lady O, Monica Boulevard, Tiara Desmond, Patti O'Dora.

What would be your three biggest tips for a new drag queen? Blend your makeup - Know the words to the music you are performing - Remember: It's not about YOU. It's about your audience. So get over YOURSELF and have fun.

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why? Besides Portland, I guess I would love to perform in Hawaii. I hear it's beautifull there. :)

What is something that might surprise us all about you? I'm kinda boring at home.

What makeup items could you not live without? foundation, powder, eyeliner, lip liner, eyelashes, eye shadow, contour, lip stick, lip gloss, eye lash glue, mascara. Yes, these are things I CAN'T live without! lol

Do you design any of your clothes, create any of your wigs, etc? No. I'm creative, but not in that manner.

What has been your all time greatest moment in drag? Passing a field sobriety test right in front of the old Silverado. ;) It was stellar!

What else should we know about you? I don't like to yell, I don't like to hurt peoples feelings, I don't like to hang around with people that say mean things about other people, and I think that if when you're faced with the choice between doing the right thing and the wrong thing, it should be easier to do the right thing. :)

To find out more about Bolivia check out her Myspace page as well as the Superstar Divas page!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Queen of the Week - Adrienne Alexander

I met Adrienne through Myspace when I was getting ready to move up to Portland. She was incredibly friendly and welcoming and it was wonderful to finally meet her in person! She is a very fierce queen and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better as I get more involved in the drag scene up here.

Name: Adrienne Alexander

Age: 38

Location: Portland, OR

Single or taken?  Terminally single I am afraid...Unless there are any readers out there willing to take a chance on a big girl! LOL

What is your drag style like?  Hi-Drag Glamour - Old School - Big Hair - Rhinestones, feathers, sequins....

How long does it take you to get ready in drag?  About an hour and a half from shaving to stage....

Do you have a favorite number you perform?  Oh most definately. "A Woman's Got The Strength..." and my crazy "Serial Mom" mix...just to name a few.

Where can we see you perform?  I am the co-hostess of the Friday night show at Ember's Avenue - and I also perform occasionally at CC Slaughter's and Darcelle XV's.

How did you first get into drag?  I started "drag" on a dare for a Sunday night lip sync show with a cash prize....and I left broke! I had alot to learn.

Who have been your biggest inspirations?  Everyone inspires me in some form or another. You can learn WHAT to do from someone just as easily as you can learn WHAT NOT to do from them. I tehd to watch the "WHAT NOT" to do - so I can avoid that from being me. LOL

What would be your three biggest tips for a new drag queen? 1. Understand why you want to do this...there could be many reasons. Some of them may not be not meant for stage.

2. Be who you are - not who someone else is. Not everyone's style works for another. Find your own niche.

3. Let the creativity come out! This is about self-expression. Don't hold back!

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why?  There are many revues I would love to be a part of....for the exposure. However I am limited as I am not a "character" kind of performer - so a "LaCage" style review is out for me. But there are still other places calling my name....LOL

What is something that might surprise us all about you?  I hate the bar scene. From being around in the clubs for so many years it has become stale. I go in, do my thing, and get out.

What makeup items could you not live without?  OMG -Well, being a lover of the black eyeshadow as I am - I could be a LaFemme Cosmetics Spokesperson! I also could not function without my Krylon TV Paint Stick & Coty Powder....Definate MUSTS in this business!

Do you design any of your clothes, create any of your wigs, etc?  I create all of my own wardrobe....I do all of my own mixes....I come up with all of my own concepts. I HATE DOING HAIR!!! My sisters Guera from Phoenix and Topaz from here in Portland take care of that for me!! LOL

What has been your all time greatest moment in drag?  Getting some free cheeseburgers in a McDonald's drive through just because they thought I was pretty! LOL - Just kidding. No - seriously. I have some great moments and memories that I will always cherish....the night I won Miss Gay Tucson America was a shining moment for me. I had just had a break from doing drag for 3 years and it was my first pageant experience after the break. That crowning moment is one I will never forget...hence why the video is on my MySpace. LOL

What else should we know about you?  I have been around for 18 years as an entertainer and I have seen many come and go...but you know what?? I AM STILL HERE!!!

To find out more about Adrienne check out her myspace page.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Queen of the Week - Aieta Buffet

Aieta Buffet is another fabulous queen I met through auditioning for Rupaul's Drag Race. After reading her profile on that site I was laughing hysterically and knew that I loved her! Not only is she an incredibly funny queen, she is also an absolute sweetheart! I am so thrilled to be featuring her as this weeks Queen of the Week!

Name: Aieta Buffet

Age: 41

Location: Columbia, Missouri

What is your drag style like? I am the show hostess and I make it my mission to make sure everyone has a good laugh or two throughout the evening. Comedy is my passion (second only to Kentucky Fried Chicken) and nothing is off limits when it's in the name of fun.

How long does it take you to get ready in drag? It takes me an hour and a half to get ready, from the time I haul my fat behind out of the shower til the lady walks to the garage to get into her car.

Do you have a favorite number you perform? My favorite number to perform is a medley of numbers from 'Queens Of Comedy'. I'm most known, however, for my weekly "Suck & Blow" number that I perform to 'Lick It' and throw out Blow Pops.

Where can we see you perform? SoCo Club in Columbia, Missouri

How did you first get into drag? The first time I performed in drag was 1998 and I did it for a benefit. I was the bar's dj and everyone knew me, so I was a shoe in to rake in the cash for the cause. I continued to perform a couple of times a year for the next few years, but only in benefits. I began hosting my weekly show in 2002 and I've never looked back.

Who have been your biggest inspirations? Petrina Marie, who hosted the shows at FACES in East St. Louis, was one of my dearest friends and my biggest inspiration. Her twisted sense of humor and taste for colorful jokes kept us in stitches until her untimely passing. The fabulous Flo, from Kansas City, taught me that the gift of gab is often times better than performing a number. The three of us only performed together a handful of times, but when we did, it was magic.

What would be your three biggest tips for a new drag queen?
1) Pick a name that you like and stick with it. If you want to build a name for yourself, you can't be changing your name or no one will ever know who you are or where you came from.
2) Take note of all the other queens who are performing regularly and dare to be different from any of them. Find a niche that isn't being filled and make that your trademark.
3) If you go out in drag, even if you're not performing in a show, take the time to check your makeup and hair throughout the night. The last impression you leave with people is the way you looked the last time they saw you.

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why? I've been lucky enough to perform in St. Louis and Kansas City but there's just no place like home. It's truely a gift to be invited to perform out of town but I'm happy where I am and prefer to keep it local. I'm fat and I'd eat my way thru every drive thru on my way out of town, anyway.

What makeup items could you not live without? My Tangerine lip gloss and my suntone pan stick.

Do you design any of your clothes, create any of your wigs, etc? As most fat chicks know, it's no big deal to rip the sheets off the bed and sew up a new muumuu, but that's generally about as creative as I get. I once considered fightin' the pleather off a couch at the Factory Furniture Outlet, but it would have only made me a mini skirt and the thought of arrest wasn't worth it. As far as hair, I can pin two wigs together like nobody's business, but when it comes to stylin' them, I wash them in Dawn and Murphy's Oil Soap and hang them upside down to dry. If it doesn't look right on my head after that, I stick a few bobby pins in it drink a glass of gravy to make myself feel better.

What has been your all time greatest moment in drag? Four years ago, I was surprised to find that my two great aunts (ages 78 and 82) were in the audience along with a slew of my cousins. I was overwhelmed with the greatest sense of peace because I felt that I'd somehow been blessed with acceptance thru many generations of my family.

What else should we know about you? I weigh 347 pounds and am currently The State Of Missouri's Largest Living Indoor Attraction. I can eat an entire chicken at one sitting, though that's probably not something I should have shared. I tend to see shades of gray instead of black and white and always understand that there are several perspectives to any given situation, therefore, I often play the role of mediator. My greatest irritation is that there are two and a half servings in a can of vienna sausages. What the #%!@???

To find out more about Aieta check out her myspace page .

Monday, February 02, 2009

Queen of the Week - Isis Vermouth

I met Isis Vermouth in my early days of performing in NYC.  She was fun, fabulous and always had outstanding makeup!  She is now spreading her fabulousness around the US, performing in both NY and FLorida. 

Name: Isis Vermouth

Age: 126 human years

Location: Hudson Valley, NY

Single or taken? Depends on how much $$ you have!

What is your drag style like? Creature Feature, I do full body airbrush at times.

How long does it take you to get ready in drag? 2-4hrs

Do you have a favorite number you perform? Love Song - Snake River Conspiracy

Where can we see you perform? Panama City FL, Hudson Valley NY or you could just google me!!

How did you first get into drag? I hated the queens in my area... they were very boring no color. It was kind of a joke to start with and it just exploded from there.

Who have been your biggest inspirations? Lady Esther Gin, Leigh Bowery, Lady Bunny.. they're not afraid to over step the boundaries!

What would be your three biggest tips for a new drag queen? Learn to walk in Heels, Be original, Color and lots of it!

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why? In the white house.. you know why!

What is something that might surprise us all about you? I'm very hairy and I look nothing like my drag persona!

What makeup items could you not live without? Eyeliner I wear it in and out of drag.

Do you design any of your clothes, create any of your wigs, etc? Most of my costumes are custom designed I get them as gifts for doing make up at fashion shows or trade, My wigs I buy the cheap wigs in the discount bin and turn them into pieces of art.

What has been your all time greatest moment in drag? Walking up the side walk to go into Dennys... everyone inside had there faces glued to the window checking us all out
and when we got under the lights they all started screaming. They quickly realized they were check out chicks with D!cks.

What else should we know about you? I'm a down to earth kind of boy in my off time. I think that drag is an art form. If you're going to try it stand out be daring and push the limits. No one wants to hire a performer that does the same act as everyone else.

To find out more about Isis Vermouth check out her Myspace Page.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Queen of the Week - Ongina

Ongina is one of the 9 fierce queens who will be battling it out on Rupaul's Drag Race beginning Feb. 2nd! I know i didn't gush on about her in my original review of the shows contestants, but it was really hard to get a good idea what the contestants would be like from the short little video clips they had up. After finding out a bit more about her, watching some of her videos, and getting the chance to chat a bit with her she is now one of my favorites! I can't wait to see her fierce it out on the show with her ultra unique style!


Age: timeless.

Location: From the eastern hemisphere to seattle, new york and now los angeles!

Single or taken? I would like to say taken but i can't seem to nail him down!

What is your drag style like? I'm sort of the alternative drag queen. i don't like to wear wigs, but will, given a certain inspiration for a performance. i also don't wear bras cuz i find them uncomfortable but corsets are a love of mine. (i know weird huh.) I'm a top 40 kind of diva so a lot of my inspirations come from a lot of top 40 artists and super obsessed and inlove with "Sasha Fierce" aka Beyonce!

How long does it take you to get ready in drag? It really depends. Sometimes it takes me more than 4 hours to get ready if I have to shave my entire body, if i haven't for awhile. But if I have, I would say a good two hours is enough!

Do you have a favorite number you perform? I love performing different types of music but my three favorites are 1. top 40, 2. ballads, 3. beyonce!

Where can we see you perform? I'm a regular at la cita in downtown la but you can find me at any busy corner on Santa Monica Blvd. lol!

How did you first get into drag? It was more androgynous really. I loved wearing heels early on, you know, like sneaking away a pair of my mothers, then when I moved out, I loved wearing long pants that covered my feet so I can wear pumps then just about three years ago, I started working at a drag cabaret restaurant in NYC and that's when I started to do a lot more drag!

Who have been your biggest inspirations? One of my biggest inspirations has been Beyonce. The way she performs on stage, carries herself, the fashions she wears and her voice is very powerful.

What would be your three biggest tips for a new drag queen? Stay true to the image you want to portray, get a really good drag mother, and the closest the shave the better!

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why? I would love to perform in Japan. I love how artistic and open they are to a lot of different things. I love the Japanese culture, I even tried learning the language but it was really difficult! but tokyo is definitely my no. 1 choice!

What makeup items could you not live without? My MAC "emphasize" shaping powder. the perfect amount of glow on the right places!

Do you design any of your clothes, create any of your wigs, etc? I actually love designing and creating things to wear but i have been fortunate enough to work at a very glamorous retail boutique and have had the chance to get to know a lot of people in the industry so i've been hooked up! lol. i love that I'm a perfect size 2 and a 37 shoe! hehe...

What has been your all time greatest moment in drag? The greatest moment in my drag career has been RuPauls Drag Race which premiers on LOGO and logoonline. com Feb. 2nd!

What else should we know about you? "I might not be your typical queen but dammit I'm fierce!" (In a very humble way.)

To find out more about Ongina check out her Myspace Page or the Rupaul's Drag Race Cast Page. And don't forget to tune in to Logo for the premier on Monday, Feb. 2nd or catch full episodes on the Logo Website!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Queen of the Week - Cookie Dough

I'm so happy to be featuring Cookie Dough as I relaunch the Queen of the Week segment on my blog! Cookie booked me for one of my very first shows ever in San Francisco. She is always crazy and fun and I've always enjoyed doing shows with her!

Name: Cookie Dough

Age: Older then the internet, Younger then the television

Location: San Francisco

Single or taken? Extremely Happily Married to DJ MC2

What is your drag style like? I am an the comedic side of song choices to perform. I tried to stay with current topics and fads. Some would say I'm tragic.

How long does it take you to get ready in drag? With a time limit, about an hour. Without a time limit, painting nails just before the stage.

Do you have a favorite number you perform? There is this hilarious version of the music of Stairway To Heaven with lyrics of Gilligan's Island Theme.

Where can we see you perform? At The Monster Show with Cookie Dough & DJ MC2. www. cookievision. com (Next show is Feb. 7th @ The Mix).

How did you first get into drag? I grew up in San Francisco, so of course Halloween,
House parties, and street fairs.

Who have been your biggest inspirations? Me, Myself, & I

What would be your three biggest tips for a new drag queen? Pee before getting all your drag on, if you talk crap behind a queens back, make sure you can say it to their face, don't forget your music.

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why? As a personal dream, it would be to sing in a rock band, in drag or out, but I do prefer performing in some sort of costume.

What is something that might surprise us all about you? I have been clean and sober for over 8 years.

What makeup items could you not live without? M.A.C. products, I use a lot of different things, some drugstore products that are good, but always go back to M.A.C.

Do you design any of your clothes, create any of your wigs, etc? I try to work my own wigs, but they are usually disastrous, I have an idea of what style I like and relate that to my costume designer.

What has been your all time greatest moment in drag? Performing at some of the street fairs and festivals in San Francisco.

What else should we know about you? My website is www. cookievision. com and I am always up for having new performers at my show, get in touch.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Superstar Divas Show

Sunday night I got the chance to perform in my first show here in Portland! It was quite last minute so I apologize for not getting to publicize it enough for many of you to make it (since I was frantically dashing about just trying to make it there on time myself). But for the dozen or so of our friends who Brian was able to round up at the last minute...THANK YOU so much for coming out! It truly meant the world to me to have you all there!

Now more about the show. The Superstar Divas Show happens every Sunday at CC Slaughters from 8pm-12pm. Yes, you read that correctly, it is a 4 hour drag show! I really had never experienced anything like it before except for the annual dragathon in San Francisco, but it was FUN! The co hostesses Bolivia Carmichael, Honey Bea Hart, and Ginger Lee truly are some of the hardest working queens I have ever met! Each of them did about 20 numbers throughout the show. All three of them were wonderful although the biggest highlight of the show for me was seeing Bolivia's version of the Vitameatavegamin skit! Her Lucy impression rivaled the best versions I have ever seen in NYC and blew me away!  I also want to thank Bolivia for finding me and giving me the chance to be in their show.  I truly do appreciate it!

I felt fantastic about the numbers I did as well! I pulled out a couple of my classics, "Whitney on Crack" and "It's Oh So Quiet" and the crowd ate them up! I was given so many sweet compliments although my personal favorite was the blond girl who rushed over to tell me how I was the best drag queen she had ever seen and that it was like watching Broadway. The crowds here are so enthusiastic which is wonderful because it is the excitement of fans that really drives me to come up with bigger and better performances!

I will hopefully be back to perform with the Superstar Divas again soon and highly encourage you all to check out their show on Sunday nights!