Monday, January 26, 2009

Queen of the Week - Ongina

Ongina is one of the 9 fierce queens who will be battling it out on Rupaul's Drag Race beginning Feb. 2nd! I know i didn't gush on about her in my original review of the shows contestants, but it was really hard to get a good idea what the contestants would be like from the short little video clips they had up. After finding out a bit more about her, watching some of her videos, and getting the chance to chat a bit with her she is now one of my favorites! I can't wait to see her fierce it out on the show with her ultra unique style!


Age: timeless.

Location: From the eastern hemisphere to seattle, new york and now los angeles!

Single or taken? I would like to say taken but i can't seem to nail him down!

What is your drag style like? I'm sort of the alternative drag queen. i don't like to wear wigs, but will, given a certain inspiration for a performance. i also don't wear bras cuz i find them uncomfortable but corsets are a love of mine. (i know weird huh.) I'm a top 40 kind of diva so a lot of my inspirations come from a lot of top 40 artists and super obsessed and inlove with "Sasha Fierce" aka Beyonce!

How long does it take you to get ready in drag? It really depends. Sometimes it takes me more than 4 hours to get ready if I have to shave my entire body, if i haven't for awhile. But if I have, I would say a good two hours is enough!

Do you have a favorite number you perform? I love performing different types of music but my three favorites are 1. top 40, 2. ballads, 3. beyonce!

Where can we see you perform? I'm a regular at la cita in downtown la but you can find me at any busy corner on Santa Monica Blvd. lol!

How did you first get into drag? It was more androgynous really. I loved wearing heels early on, you know, like sneaking away a pair of my mothers, then when I moved out, I loved wearing long pants that covered my feet so I can wear pumps then just about three years ago, I started working at a drag cabaret restaurant in NYC and that's when I started to do a lot more drag!

Who have been your biggest inspirations? One of my biggest inspirations has been Beyonce. The way she performs on stage, carries herself, the fashions she wears and her voice is very powerful.

What would be your three biggest tips for a new drag queen? Stay true to the image you want to portray, get a really good drag mother, and the closest the shave the better!

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why? I would love to perform in Japan. I love how artistic and open they are to a lot of different things. I love the Japanese culture, I even tried learning the language but it was really difficult! but tokyo is definitely my no. 1 choice!

What makeup items could you not live without? My MAC "emphasize" shaping powder. the perfect amount of glow on the right places!

Do you design any of your clothes, create any of your wigs, etc? I actually love designing and creating things to wear but i have been fortunate enough to work at a very glamorous retail boutique and have had the chance to get to know a lot of people in the industry so i've been hooked up! lol. i love that I'm a perfect size 2 and a 37 shoe! hehe...

What has been your all time greatest moment in drag? The greatest moment in my drag career has been RuPauls Drag Race which premiers on LOGO and logoonline. com Feb. 2nd!

What else should we know about you? "I might not be your typical queen but dammit I'm fierce!" (In a very humble way.)

To find out more about Ongina check out her Myspace Page or the Rupaul's Drag Race Cast Page. And don't forget to tune in to Logo for the premier on Monday, Feb. 2nd or catch full episodes on the Logo Website!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Queen of the Week - Cookie Dough

I'm so happy to be featuring Cookie Dough as I relaunch the Queen of the Week segment on my blog! Cookie booked me for one of my very first shows ever in San Francisco. She is always crazy and fun and I've always enjoyed doing shows with her!

Name: Cookie Dough

Age: Older then the internet, Younger then the television

Location: San Francisco

Single or taken? Extremely Happily Married to DJ MC2

What is your drag style like? I am an the comedic side of song choices to perform. I tried to stay with current topics and fads. Some would say I'm tragic.

How long does it take you to get ready in drag? With a time limit, about an hour. Without a time limit, painting nails just before the stage.

Do you have a favorite number you perform? There is this hilarious version of the music of Stairway To Heaven with lyrics of Gilligan's Island Theme.

Where can we see you perform? At The Monster Show with Cookie Dough & DJ MC2. www. cookievision. com (Next show is Feb. 7th @ The Mix).

How did you first get into drag? I grew up in San Francisco, so of course Halloween,
House parties, and street fairs.

Who have been your biggest inspirations? Me, Myself, & I

What would be your three biggest tips for a new drag queen? Pee before getting all your drag on, if you talk crap behind a queens back, make sure you can say it to their face, don't forget your music.

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why? As a personal dream, it would be to sing in a rock band, in drag or out, but I do prefer performing in some sort of costume.

What is something that might surprise us all about you? I have been clean and sober for over 8 years.

What makeup items could you not live without? M.A.C. products, I use a lot of different things, some drugstore products that are good, but always go back to M.A.C.

Do you design any of your clothes, create any of your wigs, etc? I try to work my own wigs, but they are usually disastrous, I have an idea of what style I like and relate that to my costume designer.

What has been your all time greatest moment in drag? Performing at some of the street fairs and festivals in San Francisco.

What else should we know about you? My website is www. cookievision. com and I am always up for having new performers at my show, get in touch.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Superstar Divas Show

Sunday night I got the chance to perform in my first show here in Portland! It was quite last minute so I apologize for not getting to publicize it enough for many of you to make it (since I was frantically dashing about just trying to make it there on time myself). But for the dozen or so of our friends who Brian was able to round up at the last minute...THANK YOU so much for coming out! It truly meant the world to me to have you all there!

Now more about the show. The Superstar Divas Show happens every Sunday at CC Slaughters from 8pm-12pm. Yes, you read that correctly, it is a 4 hour drag show! I really had never experienced anything like it before except for the annual dragathon in San Francisco, but it was FUN! The co hostesses Bolivia Carmichael, Honey Bea Hart, and Ginger Lee truly are some of the hardest working queens I have ever met! Each of them did about 20 numbers throughout the show. All three of them were wonderful although the biggest highlight of the show for me was seeing Bolivia's version of the Vitameatavegamin skit! Her Lucy impression rivaled the best versions I have ever seen in NYC and blew me away!  I also want to thank Bolivia for finding me and giving me the chance to be in their show.  I truly do appreciate it!

I felt fantastic about the numbers I did as well! I pulled out a couple of my classics, "Whitney on Crack" and "It's Oh So Quiet" and the crowd ate them up! I was given so many sweet compliments although my personal favorite was the blond girl who rushed over to tell me how I was the best drag queen she had ever seen and that it was like watching Broadway. The crowds here are so enthusiastic which is wonderful because it is the excitement of fans that really drives me to come up with bigger and better performances!

I will hopefully be back to perform with the Superstar Divas again soon and highly encourage you all to check out their show on Sunday nights!