Friday, June 04, 2010

June Peep Show!

WOW!  WOW!  WOW!  That's about all I can say about Peep Show this past Tuesday!  Last month was brilliant with Sherry Vine and Joey Arias!  But this month we featured 100% local Portland talent and they truly blew me away!  It was one of those rare shows that just seemed magical to me and will forever be one I will remember and hold dear to my heart!

I opened the evening with a parody of "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga called "Outer Space" where it claims that Gaga is an alien.  Many thanks to Allison, Kim, and Nichole for ally being in the number with me!  You were all brilliant (and gorgeous)!

Sally Ingus Wilder then took to the stage with her rewrite of Shirley Bassey's "Hey Big Spender" done as "Hey Big Boner" complete with deep throating balloons and juggling.  The most amazing thing about that number for me is that Sally lip synchs while Allison May sings the song live from off-stage.  And let me tell you...that's NOT easy to do!

We got more live vocals right after with Zora Phoenix performing "Hot Child in the City", with a few humorously rewritten lyrics of course!

One of the most exciting surprises for me was seeing the incredibly talented Mona "Sphongledhoops" perform her hoola hoop act!  It was truly sensational and I don't know how she pulled it off on our little stage!

Laura Beth and Little Tommy Bang Bang brought us a tribute to Marilyn Monroe's birthday with an adorable rendition of "You Ain't Nothin' But a Houndog" sang live by Laura Beth while Tommy hammed it up on stage as only he can!

Burlesque sensation Sadie LaGuerre gave us a fabulous number set to Goldfrapp and I learned a fabulous new trick of filling a giant balloon with confetti and popping it on stage.  Yes girl, yes!

My dear friend Vegas Platinum is leaving Portland in a few weeks, so I had to get her to perform at Peep Show once before she left.  And she tore it up like I knew she would with her outstanding "Plastic Surgery Mix"!

After intermission the incredibly talented boys of Burlesquire got the crowd all worked up with their super sexy dancing!

Little Tommy Bang Bang returned to the stage with his lady friend Dixie Cup for a hilarious white trash rendition of "Livin La Vida Loca" that had me laughing from start to finish!

One performer I was absolutely thrilled agreed to be in the show was one of the legendary Sissy Boys, Fannie Mae Darling!  She enraptured the crowd as she belted out "Purple Rain"!

Sally Ingus Wilder and I both returned with second numbers.  Sally doing her funny as all hell "Party in the USA" and my "Whitney on Crack" number.

And finally we saved what many would call the best for last!  Ecstasy Inferno TORE UP the stage with her 4 backup dancers to "Sex Shooter" and a new track by Erika Jayne!  Nobody in Portland can touch Ecstasy when it comes to dance numbers and I am so blessed to count her among my many talented friends!

If you would like to see videos from the night check out our brand new youtube page at and add the Peep Show Facebook Page to stay up to date on all the latest party news!

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