Monday, December 09, 2013

I'm baaaaaack!!!

Hello Darlings!

I'm sure this won't be news to most of you who are friends with me on Facebook.  But after taking the last two years off to focus on other parts of my life, this queen has finally come back!

The past two years have been wonderful and something I really needed!  I was able to focus on other parts of my life and do manly things like grow a beard.  ((sigh))  I miss my beard already!

But during that time I came to the realization that of everything I have ever done in my life the thing that has brought me the most joy has been getting up on stage and entertaining all of you!  So here we go again!

And I'm not just bringing Artemis back.  I'm bringing her back BIG!  This is not just a comeback, it's going to be a reinvention!  To kick things off I am taking part in a competition to join the cast of The Superstar Divas Show at CC Slaughters.  Then December 27th I'm performing alongside the fabulous Jinkx Monsoon and Ben de la Creme!  And then things will really start rolling in January as I join the Caravan of Glam for a traveling tour around the state of Oregon with shows in Portland, Salem, Eugene, Ashland and Bend!  (And those are just the things I'm allowed to announce so far...)

There will be no half-assing it this time around!  There is no plan B!  I am back to do drag for a living full time and that is what is happening!

I will have new pictures and videos up soon and in the mean time....OMG they just announced the new Rupaul's Drag Race cast!!!  So I've got some intro videos to watch and then you know we are gonna have to dish!

Much Love and Kisses!!!


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