Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Superstar Divas Show

Sunday night I got the chance to perform in my first show here in Portland! It was quite last minute so I apologize for not getting to publicize it enough for many of you to make it (since I was frantically dashing about just trying to make it there on time myself). But for the dozen or so of our friends who Brian was able to round up at the last minute...THANK YOU so much for coming out! It truly meant the world to me to have you all there!

Now more about the show. The Superstar Divas Show happens every Sunday at CC Slaughters from 8pm-12pm. Yes, you read that correctly, it is a 4 hour drag show! I really had never experienced anything like it before except for the annual dragathon in San Francisco, but it was FUN! The co hostesses Bolivia Carmichael, Honey Bea Hart, and Ginger Lee truly are some of the hardest working queens I have ever met! Each of them did about 20 numbers throughout the show. All three of them were wonderful although the biggest highlight of the show for me was seeing Bolivia's version of the Vitameatavegamin skit! Her Lucy impression rivaled the best versions I have ever seen in NYC and blew me away!  I also want to thank Bolivia for finding me and giving me the chance to be in their show.  I truly do appreciate it!

I felt fantastic about the numbers I did as well! I pulled out a couple of my classics, "Whitney on Crack" and "It's Oh So Quiet" and the crowd ate them up! I was given so many sweet compliments although my personal favorite was the blond girl who rushed over to tell me how I was the best drag queen she had ever seen and that it was like watching Broadway. The crowds here are so enthusiastic which is wonderful because it is the excitement of fans that really drives me to come up with bigger and better performances!

I will hopefully be back to perform with the Superstar Divas again soon and highly encourage you all to check out their show on Sunday nights!

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