Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Inside My Makeup Box!

I get asked all the time to share my makeup tips and tricks, what kind of products I use and where I get them.  So I have decided to start a segment on here where I will share a different product I couldn't live without each week!

So to kick things off we'll start with the most basic thing in my makeup box...my foundation!  I have used a lot of different foundations over the years.  I started out in my early days with plain old Covergirl and Loreal sticks, eventually moving on to MAC Studio Tech, then switching to MAC studio stick.  And I've had very brief affairs with an array of other sticks, cremes, and mousse based foundations.

But about 3 years ago that all changed!  I met the foundation that I would form a committed relationship with!  The one and only Kryolan TV Paint Stick!

Kryolan is a professional makeup line used primarily for Television and Theatre, which makes it's products ideal for drag queens!  The Paint Stick gives you the best coverage I have ever gotten from any foundation, yet is still creamy and incredibly easy to blend!  And they carry the stick in over 120 different shades to match every skin tone.  You can see the entire range of colors here.

I use three different colors to do my face.  I begin with 2w to cover my entire face, then use 5w to contour my cheeks, nose, and forehead edges, followed by blending in TV white to highlight my cheekbones, center of forehead, bridge of my nose, upper lip, and beneath my lower lip.

Once everything is in place I set my face with Kryolan's translucent setting powder and my skin looks flawless!  My face is then set for the entire night and I never have to reapply!

The only place to get Kryolan products in person is at their showroom in San Francisco, but there are plenty of options to order them online for those of us who don't live there.  I personally order my sticks from Glamour Supply because the site is ran by a friend of mine and I get the products very fast!  However they only carry a limited amount of colors, so if they don't have the color you need another site I have used is FX Supply.  They carry the entire range of colors.


  1. Information noted. I'll have to pass this along to some friends if the Mac fails! Thanks for the tips.

  2. One other benefit I forgot to mention is that a Kryolan stick only costs around $8-9 and will last you just as long (and give you better coverage in my opinion) as one from MAC that cost you nearly $30.

  3. Good blog: You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned:)