Monday, March 22, 2010

Queen of the Week - Mercedez Munro

Name: Mercedez Munro

Age: Timeless

Location: San Francisco, CA

Single or taken? Very Taken

What is your drag style like? Very old school drag. I'm all about looking/feeling pretty.... being classy while perfecting my art of lypsyncing. I like it when it looks like the words are actually coming out of my mouth, as opposed to a queen just lipsyncing a song. 

How long does it take you to get ready in drag? I like to take my time, that's for sure. It takes me about 3 hours to paint. I have a lot of boy to transform. :)

Do you have a favorite number you perform? I do. I would have to say my favorite number to perform is, "Airmail Special" by Ella Fitzgerald

Where can we see you perform? I perform all over the city, more specifically: Ginger Snaps' Snapalicious, Mary-go-Round with the amazing talents of Pollo DelMar, Suppositori Spelling and Cookie Dough. 

How did you first get into drag? I lost a bet to an old ex-boyfriend of mine, actually. I don't even remember what the bet was but at the time, we were living with a performer who always said I'd be a pretty girl. My ex thought he was being funny by making me do drag; to his surprise... I loved it! My friend painted my face and the rest was history. 

Who have been your biggest inspirations? My drag mother, of course. The memory of her is what pushes me to perfect my craft. In addition to her I'd have to say my kids; all of my babies in La Maison de Munro! I can definitely say I'm a very proud house mother. All of them: Paju, Erykah, Taye, Starr, Fame and of course all the boys, have all inspired me more than they know. I want them to be proud of me, just as I am of them.. 

What would be your three biggest tips for a new drag queen? 1. Concentrate on the style of performer you'd like to be and own it 2. KNOW YOUR WORDS when you lipsync a song. It really IS an art. Some people might say... "Girl, at the end of the day you're just moving your mouth!" but it's more than that... and it's usually the queens that are bad at it, saying it! 3. It's easier to be nice than shady...

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why? I'd have to say in my partners home country, Germany! I don't think they've been exposed to plus-sized, ebony enchantresses such as myself. :) 

What is something that might surprise us all about you? I absolutely detest corn! 

What makeup items could you not live without? Items? I'd have to say my entire makeup kit! Each piece contributes to the overall illusion... I couldn't imagine not having any of it at my disposal. 

Do you design any of your clothes, create any of your wigs, etc? Yep.. I do design my own clothing. I'm learning to become a better seamstress though. 

What has been your all time greatest moment in drag? Winning the Miss Gay San Francisco crown, my first night in drag, after taking a 9 nine year break. 

What else should we know about you? I am launching my very first pageant, Miss Triple Crown 2010 and I couldn't be more excited about it. It's April 2nd, 2010, the winner wins $500 in cash, I have a lot of great judges and contestants. Shangela, from RuPaul's Drag Race is our special guest performer, who is an absolute doll! With never putting on a drag pageant before, I am absolutely in awe and amazed at the generosity of the girls participating.... and I LOVE Artemis Chase. :)

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