Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!

Ok, ok, I know I'm a few days late posting my happy new year blog. But literally the very first thing my ever so graceful self did at about 10am new years morning was to spill a glass of water all over my computer keyboard. That left me with the inability to type o, p, l, space, delete, return, and almost all punctuation. I spent about 10 minutes attempting to get something somewhat legible typed up by cutting and pasting letters and punctuation from other documents, but finally gave up when I only had a sentence done and it looked like something from a 6th grade typing class. Needless to say, all liquid is now banned from my office! So if anyone knows where to get about a 4 foot long straw that will stretch from my computer chair to right outside my office door that would be fabulous! A girl needs her martini to accompany late night blogging sometimes. And I am shameless enough to drink one through a straw!

Other than starting off the year as a total klutz it has been a truly fabulous new year so far! I did the unthinkable this year and stayed in for a mellow new years eve at home with a few friends. We even watched the ball drop (which is sooo lame when you live on the west coast and it's not even live). But it was actually very nice to just hang out with the people I love for the evening and reflect on the past 10 years and what I hope to achieve in the next 10.

I am incredibly excited about what this year is going to bring! I spent most of 2009 really adjusting myself to living in Oregon again, figuring out how to survive in the suburbs, learning to drive, and attempting to immerse myself in the ever so strange world of Portland's marathon drag shows (although I still think 3 and 4 hour shows are RIDICULOUS!). But now I'm settled and I'm ready to rock this city in 2010!

I am starting the venue hunt for my own weekly show and am hoping to have something going by the beginning of March. I will of course still be hosting Blow Pony every month, which has become the biggest joy of my drag career! And then you will see me doing guest spots for all the fabulous queens I have grown to love like Bolivia, Honey, and Ginger @ The Superstar Divas Show, Adrienne Alexander and Poison Waters @ The Red Cap, and of course Vegas Platinum @ Embers.

My biggest goal this year however is to focus on bringing as much entertainment as I can to all of you online! There will obviously be all my usual blogging, covering Rupaul's Drag Race as it airs, and the reinstitution of my "Queen of the Week" series. But I also am going to be bringing you funny, entertaining, and sometimes downright ridiculous videos of performances, interviews, sketch comedy and so much more! There are going to be sides of me you never knew existed, so watch out!

All in all I am incredibly excited about everything to come in 2010! But I never forget that without all of you, my readers, fans, and friends, none of this would be possible! So thank you for all the support and love you continue to send my way! It truly means the world to me and it is for all of you that I continue! So please keep sending me emails, posting comments, and letting me know what you like (and dislike), what you want to see more of, and anything else I can do to keep you all entertained and coming back for more!

Happy new year everyone! It's going to be a fabulous one!

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