Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Queen of the Week - Anna Conda

Name: Anna Conda


San Francisco Ca

Single or taken?
Partnered to Brett Helms for 4 and a half years. He's a staff scientist at the Berkley Lawrence National Labs Energy Department. He heads a lab that deals with nano technologies used both in cancer and solar capacities.

What is your drag style like?
I was taught drag in the 90's in NY. I guess my style is Hollywood meets 70's punk, however I have moved into my Cougar 70's swinger style and am loving it lately. I used to get mad that Boy Bar made me be the tween star because I was so pretty and petite. I always wanted to do Curve and Siouxsie and angry stuff. Learning the "Turkey Lurkey" song and dance steps almost killed me! But I still use that number in Thanksgiving shows today so the pain was worth it.

How long does it take you to get ready in drag?
Half an hour 45 minutes. If it takes longer I know I'm heading for disaster because i over thought the make up.

Do you have a favorite number you perform?
Stray- by Fetchin Bones. This number never fails but I eat Milk Bones in the number so my gums are always shredded for a few days.

Where can we see you perform?
Anywhere that asks me I will pretty much go to perform except bachelorette parties.... I am a freak but not in a side show for others. I'm a sucker for friends requests to perform so I always try and make it. I was Miss Trannyshack 2004 and had a punk club for 5 years called Charlie Horse. I like Travel so I go out of town every chance I get. Like Blow Pony in Portland and even Charlie Horse Fresno. For a moment to see how others live and what their lives and nightlife is like I find really enlightening. Taking oneself out of a comfort zone and into the world always brings useful lessons.

How did you first get into drag?
I went to Wigstock in like 1993. I was in drag for my first time, pink chiffon and flat white shoulder length hair. Oh yeah a tab of acid as well. That day I said " I wanna do that!" So my drag mother Winona Juggs and I set out to get gigs. I got one at Boy Bar but just barely. They told me cute boys don't make good drag queens. I was so insecure I just didn't think I was a cute boy. Now I look back and wonder what I was thinking because everyones cute in their 20's. I think I'm better looking now but it's mostly because I have confidence in myself. I think I'm a prettier queen as well.

Who have been your biggest inspirations?
Katherine Hepburn is my ideal beauty and the far out crazy queens always make me jealous I just seem to be too glamour prone too let myself go and be the ultimate freak. Any punk or anarchist woman usually hold fascination for me and I also love Barbara Stanwyck. People like the Kardashian's or almost anyone who would be on a reality show or in US magazine are so bland that I don't want anything in me to reflect that mainstream America. I just find it really boring and uninspired.

What would be your three biggest tips for a new drag queen?
Drag personalities are born and grow so don't be afraid of mistakes! Mistakes are the best learning experiences. I showed up to work at Boy Bar once in Red bobbed hair, red dress, red make up. They asked if I was wind burn. I learned a lot that day! LOL. Also if you have a heavy beard like me put red where the blue of the beard shows under your derma blend. It keeps the beard covered for longer, it's the best trick I ever learned.

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Anywhere in the world? Hell I'd go any where as I said before. Travel is awesome.

What is something that might surprise us all about you?
I wanted to be a minister when I was growing up. I felt a real calling to help people. Now I'm running for District 6 Supervisor in Sf with my drag persona in tact. Drag is where I learned to use my voice and found a family so I would never just ditch it to achieve a goal. What goal is worth that? I also consider myself two spirited. I think if at 15 I had the chance to become a woman I would have but I am really pleased to have Anna represent that side of me today.

What makeup items could you not live without?
Derma Blend base is great and lashes. I know its a good night if I like my makeup before lashes.

Do you design any of your clothes, create any of your wigs, etc?
I bought a sewing machine so I have made some clothes but pattern making is hard for me so I just keep working on something till it fits better. Keep adding triangles to the shirt till the lumps are gone kinda sewing. I do all my wigs. I went to beauty school here in SF. I lived in an SRO on California street and put myself through school. My room was haunted and had no where to cook but the toilet kept the beer cold so it wasn't all a loss. Plus I was only a few blocks from the Cinch, (where Charlie Horse was), so I had a place to go while being dirt poor. I've been in SF for 14 years and have really come a long way and I'm proud that I didn't let myself down when it could have been an easy excuse to do nothing to help myself.

What has been your all time greatest moment in drag?
My first performance ever at Boy Bar I was recognized by the crowd, Debbie Harry, DJ Johnny Dynell and Patrica Fields bought me a drink. That was quite a big coming out I have to say. However since I was fresh from Pittsburgh I didn't know anything about club royalty so meeting Patricia Fields was kinda lost on me at that time. She later sponsored me in the gay games as a swimmer. Two other great moments were Wigstock when I performed "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips with Sweetie and Faux Pas and we stole the show, and winning Miss Trannyshack as the dark horse. They were such highs I will never forget those moments on stage. However I think I felt like I might win Trannyshack. It's weird I feel that way about the Supervisor race as well. Being a dark hors really suites me. I get a thrill from coming from behind and proving I can go the distance. I think it's my best quality... other than my eyes. Getting Sainted by the Sister in 2009 to become Saint Annaconditional Love and Rockets, protector of the Polk and purveyor of the apunkalypse was really awesome. It was a surprise at Charlie Horse one night before Easter on Water Sports night. Brett help arrange it with Sister Mary Ralph. I cried, but only after I got home.

What else should we know about you?
I'm not so controlling but I never hold back my opinion. Life happens and I'm not afraid to challenge myself so I always try the hardest path first. I think people need to realize that easy and convenience are NOT healthy things. Its good to work hard to achieve something and it usually comes with less excess. I hate excess unless at a party. I really like messy people because they break all the rules. Yes its kinda sad but its also kinda great. Morals are over rated. Lastly I am an All American swimmer.

To find out more about Anna Conda check out her facebook page HERE!

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  1. Thanks for asking me to write this. It was great seeing you in Oregon and we hope to get back to Blow Pony soon! Anna